The Crew

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Here's a very interesting view from a balcony. There's a discussion being held on set. Notice that people are standing in roughly concentric circles according to the power structure. At the center is Sam Raimi, who's talking to Dante Spinotti (Dir. of Photography). Standing around them are First A.D. John Cameron, 2nd A.D. Sara Addington and Producer Pat Markley. Around them are the wardrobe director, 3rd A.D. (Bob Wagner, who was dating Sharon Stone at the time) and a couple of P.A.'s. Around them are regular crew people and extras.

Extras Casting Director Cecily Jordan (right). Her assistant James is in the middle. That's me on the left in my arctic parka.

Cecily Jordan with her two assistants, James and Victoria Tinajero (in the sunglasses) and some of the Mexican Elders.

Jim Hensz goofing around. The Extras Coordinator had recently quit smoking. Notice his "Tombstone" jacket (I worked with him on that film, too).

The Extras' Hairdressers. Maria Morales is on the left, Tina Sims is on the right.

Picking up wardrobe at the wardrobe trailer at the start of a day. That's Glen Ralston on the left, handing me my wardrobe, with whom I've worked on many projects before and since. I think that's Bruce Ericksen, Costume Supervisor, on the right.

Assistant Special Effects guy, Ron Wright. We had some good times.

In the makeup trailer at the start of a day.

Here I am getting makeup from Loretta Demasi.

Facing us, left to right, Dante Spinotti (bending over), John Cameron and Murry Close (Official Still Photographer).

Bill Edwards, Security. Bill's a friend. I've worked with him on many projects over the years, starting with The Young Riders.

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