57 Days in Redemption

DAY 1 - 11/22/93: Call was 5:30 am. Arrived on set to find no one there I knew. All strangers. Expected to see old friends from The Young Riders, Tombstone, etc., but I don't know any of these people (other extras). Jim Hensz (Tombstone) is the Production Assistant in charge of extras. Also know some others on the crew. Extras have a tent which, at least, has heat. They gave me a whole new wardrobe (had previously been given a "brand new" Confederate uniform which I didn't think would work here) and an 1872 Colt .45 (in a holster which slips onto a belt with a CSA buckle). After going to hair, makeup and firearms (in that order), sat around 'til lunch. Hung out at base camp some more after lunch. Large base camp. They even laid gravel around the trailers and made gravel paths. Finally got on set sometime after 3pm. Eddie (Mexican Outlaw) and I were taken to the saloon. We sat at a table to fill any possible hole behind Sharon Stone who, in a duster, leather fringed pants and a 6-gun, comes out of the saloon and talks with the Blind Boy. Lines: "John Herod owns that house...He gets 50 cents of every dollar in this town". Back to base camp at 4:30 pm.

DAY 2 - 11/23/93: Call was 5:30 am. Almost got to work right away, but, instead waited all morning. Wrapped not long after lunch, around 2:00 pm.

DAY 3 - 11/28/93: Call was 5:30 am. Worked all morning, but was way in background on all shots. Scene: gunfight in street where Sgt. Cantrell defeats Virgil Sparks. I'm on the porch of the Pigeon's Nest for the gunfight, then in background laughing as the body is carried away on a stretcher. Also did crowd reaction shots, but still way in background. Wrapped after lunch at 1:30 pm.

DAY 4 - 11/29/93: Call was 5:30 am. Worked all morning but, again, just in background. Scene: Lance Henrikson (Ace Hanlon) does flip over saddle of a white horse and fires beneath horse, hitting the Ace of Spades held by little girl. Gene Hackman arrived on set just before lunch. Worked on set most of the afternoon but only got in one shot. I believe I was out of frame, though. Wrap was 4:10 pm.

DAY 5 - 11/30/93: Call was 5:30 am. First thing, set up for Scene 14b. Went back to tent and sat around until about 10:30 am, then shot 14b until lunch. Scene 14b: 360-degree shot with the camera in center of the fountain. Camera pans from one outlaw to another, to another, etc. as they're checking out their guns and the other outlaws (competition for the gunfight contest). I'm less than halfway through the shot just standing there checking my gun and looking around. [Note: they cut this shot just before getting to me.] After lunch, they broke 14b up into 3 segments and shot it over. Wrap was 5:30 pm.

DAY 6 - 12/1/93: Call was 5:30 am. Wrapped at 7:20 am! Had just finished going through the lines at wardrobe, hair and makeup when we were told that Sharon Stone had "a touch of the flu", so were wrapped early. I went home and played 18 holes of golf.

DAY 7 - 12/2/93: Call was 5:30 am. Many extras here today. Long lines everywhere. During morning, shot scene of the first gunfight of the movie, The Kid vs. The Swede. First shot is with camera looking toward The Kid. I'm in front of the Tattoo Parlor, but don't think I was in frame. After lunch, waited for about an hour, then did master shot of gunfight scene. I'm still in front of the Tattoo Parlor, behind Ace Hanlon on his white horse. Wrap was 5:30 pm.

DAY 8 - 12/3/93: Call was 5:30 am. First thing in the morning did coverage shots of crowd reacts to same gunfight as yesterday. I was out of frame in my position, but stayed there, freezing cold, for some time. Back to tent about 9:45 am. Around 11 am, did another coverage shot where I'm, again, out of frame. Sat around after lunch until 4 pm. Was part of the crowd who takes The Kid (riding on the shoulders of the Mountain Man (Noel Benoit) and the Texas Cowboy (Hall Green) to the steps of Herod's House, cheering, etc. Herod says, "If the Swede had been any slower there would be birds nesting in his hair". We did this shot in one take! First time I got into frame. Wrap was at 4:45 pm.

DAY 9 - 12/5/93: Call was 5:30 am. Did nothing until 10:15 am, then one shot. I'm way in background, well down the street. After lunch, about 3 pm, did shot of Swede riding out of town. I'm in front of the Pigeon's Nest (whorehouse) way down the street. Wrap was at 5:05 pm.

DAY 10 - 12/6/93: Call was 6:00 am. Did nothing most of the morning, then one shot where I'm way in the background, well down the street acting mean. Right after lunch, sat around the set until 4 pm, then back to base camp. Wrap was at 5:10 pm.

DAY 11 - 12/7/93: Call was 5:30 am. Lots of extras here today. Long lines everywhere. I hear they'll be shooting gunfights with all these people for the rest of the week. Spent all morning shooting gunfight between Flatnose Foy and Cort. I'm in the group in front of the saloon. In crowd-react shots, I'm as close to the lens as I've been so far. Hate the crowds and the novice extras who don't have a clue. Sat around after lunch. Around 3 pm, someone in the tent (an extra, I was outside at the time) had a seizure or passed out or something and was taken to the hospital. [Note: found out later that an Indian had done too much cocaine.] Wrap was 4:15 pm.

DAY 12 - 12/8/93: Call was 5:30 am. First thing in the morning, more angles on scene 18, The Kid vs. The Swede. Steadi-Cam shot included. Back to tent at 9 am. Back to set at 9:15 am for more angles on Foy vs. Cort gunfight. I was cheated in way down the street. I walk with Doc (the guy with the cane) up street toward gunfight. After lunch and some waiting, started the Herod vs. Ace Hanlon gunfight. I was off-camera clapping, then walked slowly, dejected, into frame from camera left to right. Wrap was about 5 pm.

DAY 13 - 12/9/93: Call was 5:30 am. First thing, crowd-react shots for Herod vs. Ace. I'm right in the lens this time. I'm on the saloon porch behind and camera-left of Pat Hingle and behind the Blind Boy. Scene done in one take! Back to tent at 8:00 am. At 10:30 am, did more angles on Herod vs. Ace. Did nothing after lunch. Wrap was at 5:45 pm.

DAY 14 - 12/10/93: Call was 6:00 am. Did nothing all morning. After lunch, spent rest of the day shooting the 7:00 pm gunfight, Ellen vs. Dog Kelly. I was on the balcony of the Boarding House with two whores, Doc, a Mexican and Keith David (Sgt. Cantrell). Shots: Steadi-Cam of Ellen (Sharon Stone) coming out of the saloon and into the street. Then, Steadi-Cam shot from her point of view with B camera on Herod and on Keith David. Another Steadi-Cam shot of gunfight, with Ellen's exit back to the Saloon with extras shouting and cheering. On first take, the extras (I'm watching this, removed from the action, from the Boarding House balcony) slap her on the back in a congratulatory way (as we did with The Kid in an earlier scene). They yell "cut!" and John Cameron tells the extras "Don't touch the star!". Wrap was 5:30 pm.

DAY 15 - 12/12/93: Call was 6:00 am. Raining today. Wind was blowing very hard when in the tent changing clothes. Extras were evacuated from the tent to the Crew Food Trailer. A struggle against the elements. After sunrise, it turned much colder. Some sleet, then the sky cleared but the wind increased. My arctic parka came in handy. After lunch, worked briefly in a coverage shot of Ellen vs. Dog Kelly gunfight. Cheated in with Doc walking away from the camera. Since we were being cheated in, we were told to keep our backs to the camera and walk away from it. A makeup girl came over and touched up our makeup for this! Nothing else today. Wrap was at 6:15 pm.

DAY 16 - 12/13/93: Call was 6:00 am. Fairly cold, but no wind or rain today. Found out that the holiday break will be 12/22-26. From 9:30 am until lunch, started shooting Herod vs. Sgt. Cantrell gunfight. First part, Herod's entrance with The Kid. I'm in front of the Boarding House and right next to (camera-right of) Cort when he has lines (after Horace the Bartender announces that, from now on, all fights are to the death, Cort says "Changing the rules, John?"). Second part, the actual gunfight, then Herod bawling out the townspeople for hiring a professional gunfighter. I'm behind the fountain opposite Herod. Nailed this one in two takes. Clicked very well. That Hackman is such a pro! Right after lunch, more angles of 12 noon gunfight. I'm in same places in coverage of Cort and Ellen. I may [and was] seen well. Wrap was at 6:07 pm.

DAY 17 - 12/14/93: Call was 6:00 am. During the morning, same 12 noon gunfight as yesterday, but shot the other direction, so nothing for me at all. After lunch, more coverage shots of Herod in his gunfight against Sgt. Cantrell. I was cheated in the other side of Herod for Steadi-Cam and fast dolly shots this time, but stayed in back of crowd and will probably not be seen. At end of day, SFX shots. Torso (knees to neck) with revolving guns and Sgt. Cantrell's coat. Herod fires and his gun (like a remote control) trips spark and Sgt. Cantrell's gun spins. Keith David supplied a human arm for the shot. Then, the bullet-through-the-head shot. Thought it was a remake of the Zapruder film. Bust with no face, smoke in cavity in head. Some piece was pulled out through the back of the head with fishing line and a fishing pole. Wrap was at 5:45 pm.

DAY 18 - 12/15/93: Call was 6:00 am. From 8:30 to 10:30 am, did wide shot of the street as Horace (Pat Hingle) announces the last remaining gunfights (round 3). I'm in front of the Monte Carlo (the other saloon) drinking a beer. Believe camera was inside Fee's Gunshop. Later, Steadi-Cam shot from The Kid's point of view as he exits Fee's Gunshop and proceeds down the street for his gunfight with Herod. I would be seen quite well toward the beginning of the shot, cheering, jumping and shouting. During lunch, two trailers were brought in to replace our tents which will not take the weather all winter. About 4 pm, did a Steadi-Cam shot, the opposite of the earlier shot, showing The Kid. Wrap was at 5:25 pm.

DAY 19 - 12/16/93: Call was 6:00 am. New quarters. The trailers are a vast improvement. Warm, no wind, carpeting (instead of dirt). I feel like I'm starting to come down with the cold that has been going around the set [which will eventually become known as "The Redemption Flu"]. Fortunately, nothing for me during the morning. Stayed warm and comfy in the trailer. From 1:45 to 2:30 pm, The Kid's dying scene. I'm one of the onlookers toward the back and slightly camera-right. Wrap was at 5:10 pm.

DAY 20 - 12/17/93: Call was 6:00 am. A cold one this morning. Just before lunch, did a scene with the Second Unit [Terry Leonard was Second Unit Director] of crowd-reacts to Cort walking through town to his gunfight with Foy. Camera was on dolly and was Cort's point of view. Crowd boos, jeers and throws stuff at Cort (at the camera). I appear early in the shot [but was cut out of it in the end], camera-right, throwing pickles. Even yelled "Go to Hell!" at the preacher. This scene was a LOT of fun to do. At one point Sam Raimi, who was shooting a scene with the Main Unit up the street in front of Herod's house, walked down to where we were in front of the Pulqueria. He said the shot looked good from where he had been, but wanted to see it through the camera lens. He got up on the dolly and we went through the shot. Sam got pelted with all kinds of food items. He climbed off the seat afterwards, laughing and saying "It looks great!". Not much to speak of after lunch. Wrap was at 5:30 pm.

DAY 21 - 12/20/93: Call was 8:00 am. Rain scenes are scheduled for today. Great, I finally got that cold. Only a few extras working today (seems like I made the "A" team), short lines, real food (including hot breakfast) from the cast/crew truck. First thing, worked a shot in the rain with Sharon Stone. First, though, it was her stunt-double in an impromptu and angry gunfight in the street (in the pouring rain) with Eugene Dred. I'm on the porch of Fee's Gunshop (camera-left) looking curiously, but ducking out of the rain. More of the same after lunch. At least there's no blowing dust today! [Up until these rain scenes, the effects crew had been creating blowing dust for scenes when there wasn't any real blowing dust, spaghetti-western style.] Don't know which would be worse with this cold, rain or dust. Wrap was at 4:50 pm.

DAY 22 - 12/21/93: Call was 7:00 am. Really rainy today (i.e., actual rain). Not as cold and not windy (yet). Only a few extras again today. Feel better today, cold not as bad. Nothing for me until 11:30 am, then in one shot, a closeup on Sharon Stone. I'm still in front of Fee's Gunshop. Spent second half of the afternoon, until dark, shooting a scene where Kevin's (Eugene Dred's) body is on the porch in front of the saloon. Herod is there. Ellen comes out of the saloon and is declared the winner by Herod and that she moves on to Round 3. I'm the second scavenger to enter the frame, from camera-left, to pilfer the body. Rain scene. I got very wet and cold. We were chased away from the heaters which were set up inside the saloon by the AD's the first time. Was pissed. The, later, Sharon Stone spoke up about these people being cold and wet, so we were permitted to stand near the heaters from then on. Last shot of the day (now after dark) was a tight shot of Dred's body with Scott pulling the gold teeth from his mouth. An extra named Tom Allen and I were kept for this shot but, in rehearsal, I blocked a light as I entered frame, so they ended up not using me for that shot. The camera was right in the doorway to the saloon, so I couldn't get warm and dry or even get my coat which was inside the saloon. Had to stay wet and cold until final wrap. Also, when we were finally done and changed and checked out, it turned out that they had the big bus for transport back to the parking area with about six extras who had to wait in the bus until Tom and I got there. They pretended to be pissed at us, but they understood what had happened. What a day! Wrap was at 6:15 pm.

DAY 23 - 12/22/93: Call was 6:30 am. Not as cold and not raining, but very foggy. The set looks spooky in the thick fog as seen from base camp. More extras today (heard 75). From 9:10 to 11:20 am, worked scene of gunfight between Scars and The Kid. I'm in the second row back in crowd-react shots, then rush in with crowd to congratulate The Kid. Just before lunch, found the trailers so crowded that you couldn't turn around. My place got taken over by someone. Moved to the other (non- smoking) trailer, but it was also crowded. Finally moved to the changing trailer (which was a half-trailer size) which turned out to have been a mistake at the end of the day. So crowded it was very difficult to change. Sharon Stone threw a Christmas party for the cast and crew in a special big, white tent during lunch with mariachis, etc. We weren't invited, of course. After lunch, continuation of same scene, after Kid vs. Scars gunfight. Kid's line: "I'm the next Goddamn Mayor of this town!". He kisses Mattie Silk the rain starts, many flee the rain but I continue to cheer and follow The Kid to the saloon. Harldy got wet at all this time. More shots for this scene later, where Scars' body is dragged off through the mud in the rain. I matched previous action, but was probably mostly out of frame. Got a bit wet this time, mostly between the calls "Bring the rain" and "Background". In between the two afternoon shots, about 3 pm, I felt the need to get away from the crowd for a while (we were waiting around base camp at the time). Found an area on the west side of the trailers facing the crew parking area. Some empty chairs there and no people. Sat down, crossed my legs (right over left) and started to work on a crossword puzzle (as a time-killer). Detected some movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a Roadrunner (the same one had been around the trailers during lunch...got a couple of photos of it then). The Roadrunner hopped toward me, then hopped up onto my right foot (on my boot) and perched there, looking me in the eye as if it wanted to be my friend (or a handout, or both). After maybe a minute, I tried to slip my camera out of my left front pants pocket, but the movement caused the Roadrunner to hop down off my foot. A really neat experience which wouln't have happened if I had been with the crowd at the time. Wrap was at 5:15 pm. Off until Monday.

DAY 24 - 12/27/93: Call was 6:30 am. Cloudy, warm, but a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Only a handful (heard 12) extras today. Even got makeup in the stars' makeup trailer. During the morning, did scene with Ellen, Cort and the Blind Boy outside of the saloon in the rain. Scars exits saloon and has a confrontation with Ellen. She hits him and he knocks over the Blind Boy's trunk. I start with Cindy (blonde) on the stairway inside the saloon. We descend, split up and walk from table to table. We must have been seen well in the master shot, as they were picky about us hitting a particular spot at a certain time. Nothing for me after lunch. The Councillors are released at 5:20 pm, but the rest of us stay. Jim tells us that we'll be back in the saloon for the last shot of the day, maybe around 8 pm. We get to set at 8:10 pm. It's a master shot for the same scene as in the morning, but some action taking place earlier in the scene. I'm, again, in the saloon, but this time I start at the landing in the middle of the staircase, hang there a while, then descend and roam from table to table. This was a long shot. Sharon Stone and Cort are the foreground action in the rain. Fortunately, done in two takes. We got a little (though very bad, cheese-only) pizza from the Quik Pic down the street at about 8:30 pm. Nothing to wash it down with except for the non-alcohol stage beer which had been sitting for many, many hours. It was worse than the pizza. Wrap was at 9:35 pm.

DAY 25 - Wed., 12/29/93: Call was 6:30 am. Another day with many, many extras working. Nice day...mostly sunny, not cold. At 9:20 am, almost everybody is taken out to the set, but I'm one of a handful of people who are being "saved" for something later (coverage shots, maybe?). Sat around until lunch, then all afternoon. Was losing a game of horseshoes 13-2 when, about 5 pm, we were taken to the set, then, abruptly sent back to the trailers. Wrapped shortly after, at 5:10 pm.

DAY 26 - Thurs., 12/30/93: Call was 6:30 am. About the same weather as yesterday, perhaps slightly cooler. Nothing for me before lunch, just more sitting around. Still being "saved", I guess. The scene being shot yesterday and today is the gunfight between Cort (the priest in bondage) and Spotted Horse, a large Indian who cannot be killed by a bullet (a la Geronimo). Cort is only given one bullet at a time. His shot drops Spotted Horse, wounded but still alive. Blind Boy finds a bullet (the right caliber) and tosses it to Cort who loads and fires just in time to hit Spotted Horse in the head, killing him (so much for Geronimo). After lunch, about 2 pm, finally get in on a shot. Cort loads his bullet into his gun. I'm in front of Herod's House, just below Gene Hackman, booing and jeering Cort. Later that afternoon, threw the winning ringer in a game of doubles horseshoes (John and I vs. Darryl and Elisa) around 5pm. Wrap was at about 5:30 pm.

DAY 27 - Fri., 12/31/93: Call was 6:30 am. Nice day. Great sunrise. Had to make a joke in make-up about coming back at the end of the day to get my teeth colored white. She (Loretta) colored my teeth for the first [and last] time. At 8:15 am, taken to set. I was south of the steps to Herod's House, but was out of all shots done during the morning. Got to hang out on set, though, and observed tight shots of Spotted Horse [at high-speed for slow-motion fx] getting shot by Cort. Actually, finally got to work a couple of shots after lunch. Spotted Horse is down, we approach thinking he's dead...he raises his gun, we gasp and step back...he fires at Cort as he begs Herod for another bullet. Back to base camp at 3:30 pm. Nothing else until wrap just before 4:00 pm.

Continued in PART TWO.

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