The Extras

The extras were an important part of the film. Since the entire movie takes place in the town of Redemption, the townspeople and outlaws (who sought refuge from the law in Herod's town) were meant to be seen throughout. That means the core of the group (including myself) worked practically every day of filming.

Extras were not chosen for experience, only for looks. They were recruited from homeless shelters, swap meets, the street, Mexico, etc. I was one of the very few who had previous experience as a movie extra.

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Stan Williams

Eddie Lopez

Allen "Gabby" Swanson

Julian Vasquez as "Dead Eye"

Three "Bordello Gals", (left to right) Carole Miller, ?, Stacy Richards-Sison

Mark Bustamante

Gary Johnson

Noel Benoist (left) and Dean Johnson (right)

(left to right) Me, Bill Richards, Stan Williams, Hall Green

Michael Carlos

MORE photos of extras

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