Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman was not only very professional, he was very impressive as an actor. I never heard him blow a line. Every time he delivered a line, people noticed. He was extremely effective.

When shooting the scene where he bawls out the town ("This is MY town!"...), the extras playing townspeople were directed to act like we WERE being bawled out, we can't raise our eyes to his level, etc. It was impossible not to FEEL that way as he delivered his speech.

Gene Hackman was also a very "regular" guy. He was friendly and approachable. One would not suspect, without knowing, that he's such a well-known and phenomenal actor.

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Gene Hackman, as John Herod, prepares for a gunfight in the street:

Gene rides his "horse" around the base camp:

Here's me with Gene Hackman's chair:

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