The Firearms

All the firearms used in The Quick and the Dead were authentic. None were replicas. I wish I had taken photos of every piece, but I didn't.

(Click on any photo with a border for a larger version)

I personally carried an 1872 Colt .45. I fired it on two occasions: in the saloon when guns are being fired into the air and in the scene with many hands holding up pistols and firing them into the air.

Waiting in line to pick up firearms at the start of a day. The guy facing forward without a hat is Thell Reed, Head Armorer and holder of the Guinness World Record in the quick-draw.

The line to turn in firearms at the end of a day.

Assistant Armorer, Frank Trigani. The other Assistant Armorer was Jake Johnson (no photo).

Here are a few of the many Photos of People with Guns

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