The Long Story

Q: How did you get to be an extra in The Quick & the Dead?

A: I had done "extra" work since 1989, when I started on the first season of ABC-TV's The Young Riders, in between jobs in radio, my main occupation (until retiring in 1996). I mainly worked through a local extras-casting company. When The Quick & the Dead came to town, however, they brought in their own extras-casting people, who searched out people with that certain "look" (notice the looks of the extras in the movie) from all over the area. At the time, I had a full-time position as Production Manager for a facility containing three radio stations. A co-worker ran into the extras-casting people and, knowing that I did that kind of work, got their phone number and gave it to me. I put it in my drawer and there it stayed for about three weeks.

I probably would have never called that number, but I was suddenly fired from my job (very unfairly, but that's another story). So I called and found out where to go to fill out an application. By the time I walked into the office, they had cast everyone except the ex-Confederate outlaw. They took one look at me and felt I was perfect for the character. The rest is history.

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