Raynor Scheine

Someone else I really didn't get to know, I certainly admired his work. He played Ratsy, and some of his lines became catch-phrases around the set.

In his final scene, Herod gives him 20 seconds to get out of town. Ratsy runs off and Herod has a few lines, then turns and shoots him with a rifle. The timing of this scene was tricky, since Raynor would be well out of range (of the camera or a rifle) by the time Gene Hackman finished his lines. To fix this, they had Raynor run around "the block" and a couple of buildings so he'd end up in the right place at the right time. Watching this was quite amusing. It was like Ratsy couldn't find his way out of town.

In case you haven't figured it out already, his name is a pun. "Raynor Scheine" = "rain or shine".

Raynor Scheine and his stunt double. Raynor is the one on the left (I think). They had one hat between them. Whichever one was on-camera got the hat.

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