I picked up a few keepsakes along the way.

NOTE: Props from the movie were found after having been discarded. Nothing was "stolen".

(Click on any photo with a border for a larger version)

My Darkman ballcap, autographed by Sam Raimi (who drew a picture of a cowboy) and Bruce Campbell (on the letter "K").

Some of the money that was the prize for the gunfight competition.

A shotglass from the saloon.

A doily from Herod's house. Notice the burned edge from the explosion.

Some brass collected from around the set. Much was used. Some of this was fired by Gene Hackman himself.

A ticket stub from seeing the movie at the theatre. This may have been from the first time. I saw it 9 times on the big screen.

The best one of all. This "Marshal" sign is seen very prominently twice in the movie. Once at the beginning when Ellen first rides into town and again in a flashback of the Marshal's (Ellen's father, played by Gary Sinise) office. I found it in a discard pile while working on a TV series a couple of years after the production of The Quick and the Dead.

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